ISI 2006-32. Urginea delagoensis Baker Out of Stock

This is a succulent, above-ground bulb in the Hyacinthaceae like the familiar Ornithogalum longibracteatum (ISI 2006-28) and Schizobasis intricata (ISI 2004-36, $6). Like these other species, it is grown more for its unusual succulent bulbs (which in this case look like some sort of terrestrial squid emerging from the ground) than for the flowers that are small and greenish. Native to tropical southern Africa, our plants nevertheless seem perfectly happy growing outdoors under a bench and are completely tolerant of our winter rains. The name (like that of Kalanchoe delagoensis, ISI 2005-30) refers to Delagoa Bay, Mozambique, near where the plants occur. HBG 81827, from seed of M.Vassar 6003, coll. in Swaziland ca. 60 km NE of Piet-Retief, S. Africa. $7.

Photo © 2006 by John N. Trager. Images may not be used elsewhere without permission.

Published in the Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 78 (2), March - April, 2006