ISI 2015-19. Cheiridopsis speciosa ‘Sunset Glow’ Out of Stock

This is a selection of what was originally described by L. Bolus as a distinct species: C. splendens. Though that is now considered by some to be a synonym of C. purpurea, it is more properly a form of C. speciosa, which is variable in flower color but is never magenta as in C. purpurea. It has compact rosettes of a few pairs of gray, mucronate leaves that are decussate (at right angles to one another) and to 5 cm (2") long. In ‘Sunset Glow’, the flowers are orange enhanced by a magenta center. The plants branch, eventually forming compact cushions. Rooted cuts of HBG 118314, a plant from Myron Kimnach (90059) who received it from Steven Hammer who collected the seed in April, 1988, at the type locality for C. speciosa: Vlakmyn in Namaqualand, N. Cape, S. Africa. $7.

side view of leaves and two flowers
Photo © 2015 by Karen Zimmerman. Images may not be used elsewhere without permission.

Published in the Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 87 (3), May - June, 2015