ISI 2018-9. Aloe framesii L. Bolus Out of Stock

This plant has grown at the Huntington since 1965 and has offset to form a 2 m wide colony of about 15 heads, each about 30 cm (1 ft) in diameter. The leaves are a gun-metal gray and bear a prominent, zipper-like bud imprint across each leaf. The precise origin of our plant is uncertain, but the species is restricted to the west coast of South Africa, in the N. Cape north of Port Nolloth, as well as in the adjacent W. Cape, in coastal sand flats on sandstone. This distribution puts the species squarely in the Mediterranean climate zone with predominantly winter rainfall and hot, dry summers. This is very much like the climate we experience in the Desert Garden, explaining the plant’s persistence and suitability for southern California gardens. We offer tissue cultured plants of HBG 43768 for $7.

Photo © 2018 by John N. Trager. Images may not be used elsewhere without permission.

Published in the Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 90 (2), Summer 2018