ISI 2020-20. Gasteria ‘Blue Monster’

This gasteria hybrid has remarkably firm leaves that appear to have been sculpted from pale green jade. They have a minutely scabrous emery-board-like texture and are usually gray-green with an occasional stripe of pale-mottled darker green. The leaves stack up in compressed ranks four-deep like piles of dominoes, the upper surface being nearly rectangular but for a scooped-out portion at the base where the next leaf made an impression in the bud. The terminal pair of leaves can thicken up even more taking a form like a wedge-shaped door stopper. Precise parentage became muddled many generations ago but one may detect the influence of G. armstrongii and perhaps G. glomerata or others. It came to us from Steven Hammer in December, 2005, from Rick Nowakowski of Natures Curiosity Shop who is known for his Gasteria selections. Rooted plants of HBG 93742. $10.

Photo © 2020 by Karen Zimmerman. Images may not be used elsewhere without permission.

Published in the Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 92 (2), Summer 2020